Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I hate to be the bearer of Bad-News for iTunes but
PeerImpact has already beat iTunes to the bittorrent punch in their ability to distribute network bandwidth shared by fellow downloaders
Democracy Player
May make getting the shows you want so easy. Ill be testing this out with TVTorrents and see how easy it is to watch my Sopranos, Daily Show, Mythbusters, and The Office.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pandora and Nature vs. Nurture in Music Recommenders:

An excellent comparison of and by Steve Krause .

An extremely thourough review. Ultimately I still think the DigitalPimp idea is to open-source the music distribution database and technology, be as digital rights technology agnostic as possible, and sell the usage date to the record companies and artists.

It would also be nice to create a visual interface to the and systems like LivePlasma . These visual interfaces allow you to visually see multiple relationships quickly and the user could "point" the music player in the direction they would want to travel rather than having the system randomly playing a somg the listener may have no interest in listening to. also does a nice job of visuallizing music trees that could be used as well for exploration. But as stated in Steve Krause's article "I found better than Pandora at delivering songs that I liked or at least didn't feel compelled to skip, which is the most important thing when I'm listening while doing something else" the visual approach would be more for people in the drivers seat interacting more with the service rather than passively listening.

Agreeing with Steves Pandora's promise if they were merely able to add tagging for the users Web 2.0 style and then they could allow users to quickly and efficiently roughly tag new incoming music... speeding up the process for them Pandora could then focus most of their energy on categorizing the music that is really unique or is fitting across multiple tags. Sort of what Malcolm Gladwell talked about in his Kenna example in Blink (discussion) These systems need to get the artificial intelligence to Thin-Slice music to its essential qualities and genre's and quickly pass it on to the new listener.
What-if Pandora just created a plug-in for MySpace .
Im really more of a Friendster user (shows my Gen-X) not Gen-Y as in MySpace (Its really for music anyway - Myspace-music)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just found another kick ass music player service

Still along the lines of the DigitalPimp idea... But still not quite there.
I love the simplicity... could use some help from these guys.
While I have an account with a paid one BTW...
I just wish you weren't forced into using their downloaded playback app... and it was just a flash based player...
Quicker and simpler.
Although its definately ahead because of audioscrobbler's database of all the music Ive played in itunes windows media player winamp or anything else

Saturday, June 25, 2005

One of my New Favorite sites...
You can actually see RPI!!! not like poorly Updated Google Maps
Terra Server Wins!!!

Cmov Google... You have enough money... Buy a few planes and fly em over taking pictures....
Hell even better go for buying thousands of solar powered GPS guided weblinked UAVs and you could have web users give the GPS location missing and it could take pictures automatically...
Okay I think I figured it out.
Sitting here listening to Adam Curry's podcast I come to the conclusion after hearing him say its costing him $350 a day for 100,000 listeners to download his podcast I realize that maybe hes trying to get rich selling Cast-Blaster
If you google search Cast-Blaster Download you cant find it except for some bull about a limited download to people who or beta 16... where the heck is it?
If you are truly the "podfather" give it out for free...
And more importantly use bittorrent for podcast distribution to save on bandwidth...
Closed beta's are for eliteists ....

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I totally need to digitalpimp this

Sweet sharing mp3 playlists while on the road.

Need to figure out how to link this with the new yahoo music engine,

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Media Fund Twists the Truth More Than Michael Moore

Darn ultra liberal media...
(Except FoxNews and Rush of course)